Content Marketing– The success of your Online Marketing campaigns is directly proportionate to the content that you distribute amidst your audience! Who knew it? Digital Analogg does, you can take our word!

We present to you the most gut wrenching content which compels your customer to take immediate actions. Whether it is a creative over social media, a blog oozing of relevant keywords, psychologically appealing videos, interesting articles or trending News-letters or an Email that says ‘Read me now’; we never give up on an opportunity to grab the most suitable content freshly baked in the minds of our young and creatively aggressive team to serve it in different platters which are Social media, the Search Engine and various other Digital platforms and that ensures profitability.

Social Media Optimization– Digital Analogg always strives to achieve its best possible standards when it comes to Social Media, a platform sensitive to information, reputation and branding; we take utmost care of all the factors and help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

Digital Analogg after an extensive analysis of competition to your brand formulates social media strategies, brain storms ideas,
creates sharable content, distributes it among the best social media platforms, engages your audience, keeps a track on the response and
provides you with the exact metrics to help you every time you choose a social media plan.

Social Media Marketing– Hah! You must have come across a few brands which are so strong at social media that it out-stands their product as a pioneer in the industry! How? How do they manage to do this? Its difficult to say that a brand flourishes only by marketing itself over various platform without accepting the fact that the platforms and the campaigns are handpicked for such an effect.

Our clear and strict focus lies on FB paid ads and the platforms offering benefits of Social Media Marketing through which our core objective remains generating leads, creating brand awareness and promoting your product via different social media platforms according to the marketing requirements and suitability of your business and industry.

Web Designing & Development– The website for any business is its bread and butter now-a-days since all the digital marketing efforts revolve around the website of the company. We don’t just help you setting up your website but also strive to make your website a user friendly experience for its visitors. Profits made from your website through the leads are indirectly dependent on the look and feel of your website.

With full commitment, we try to give you the most competent design templates matching your specific industry and the requirements of your customers with the usability so smooth that it could be operated through almost any kind of digital media device.

Search Engine Optimization– Search Engine is the best buddy to Digital marketing, but is it a buddy to your brand too? To find out, we begin with SEO analysis report to find out room for improvement and bringing up your brand as a potential profit magnet in the eyes of the Search Engine.

Later, by carrying ethical and effective White-Hat SEO, we put our SEO team to work on your brand to bring out the best in it organically. We appoint an extensive keyword research program to discover the visibility of your website and gain leads that are organic and pristine.


Search Engine Marketing– Pay Per Click campaigns or Search Engine marketing refers to directing your marketing activities towards the Search Engine to extract leads which will milk the profits for you, but the effectiveness of Pay Per Click campaigns highly depends on the expertise of the Search Engine experts since targeting relies on experience and knowledge of the team carrying out the campaign.

Let us introduce you team Search Engine Marketing at Digital Analogg which has members from almost all kinds of industries to put their knowledge to work to get the best out of your Search Engine Marketing Campaigns.


Blogging– Who needs to hire a professional blogger when we give you a 100 percentage creative and 200 percentage effective blog within a time frame and budget suggested by you? We patiently create content for your blog varying from written content to videos or impressive visuals that bring results that fulfils your expectations from us.

We strictly allow the entry of only relevant keywords that help your blog to not just reach its current target audience but also set up a standard platform for your blog to flourish even in the future with the help of superior quality and effective content provided by our team of bloggers.